Featured Non-Profits

We are thankful to be part of the local community!  Read more about our 2013 non-profit partners below!  Learn how to become a non-profit partner here.


Kenosha Junior Woman's Club

Knights of Columbus Father Henderson Council 3800

The Knights of Columbus raised a total of $3900 for Father Henderson Council 3800 working at Country Thunder 2013!

Krukowski Family Chiropractic

The Krukowski Family Chiropractic team raised $1300 for Oklahaven Chiropractic Children's Center providing services backstage at Country Thunder Wisconsin 2013!

Northbrook Community Nursery School

Our gift raised $350 helping to enable all children, regardless of their developmental needs, an opportunity to recognize their full potential!

Riverview Center

Our gift raised $250 to help keep domestic violence and sexual assault survivor services free for individuals in the tri-state area.

Robert D. Sayles Fox Lake Grade School Education Foundation

Our gift raised $400 to support enrichment opportunities for all students!

St. Francis Children's Center

Our gift raised $160 helping to provide special education, therapies, and support services to nearly 1,400 children every year throughout Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Washington counties.

The Huskies Gridiron Club

The Sharing Center

We donated 1008.9 pounds of food to help meet the ever changing needs of neighbors and friends in Western Kenosha County.