• Camping (7 questions)
    Why am I getting charged an environmental fee?

    The environmental fee helps cover the cost of waste removal and helps us improve the quality of our campgrounds from year-to-year.

    Are the campsites serviced?

    Although the campsites are not serviced, we do have water and sewer trucks available to provide water and/or pump sewage for a nominal fee.

    I am dropping off a camper for a family member/friend before the festival begins. Do I need a wristband to get onto the site?

    The gates officially open on Wednesday, July 20th at 9am, for campers and will remain open each day until approximately 10pm. You are welcome to drop off a camper for your family members or friends during front gate hours, 9am - 10pm, Wednesday July 20th. You will be asked to provide collateral (i.e., valid id) to ensure that you exit Country Thunder grounds.

    Starting Thursday July 21st, everyone on-site will be required to show a valid festival ticket AND a valid camping pass, or you will be asked to purchase them.

    Is the price of campsites per night or for all 4 days?

    When you purchase a campsite, you are purchasing it for all 4 days of the festival.

    When are campers expected to leave on Monday after the show?

    Camper load out is encouraged early on the morning of July 25th and all campers are expected to be off of the festival grounds by Monday afternoon.

    Does the campsite purchase include any festival tickets?

    No, these are sold separately. If you want to camp on-site, you still must purchase a 4-DAY Festival Wristband (this wristband can be GA or RSVD) + your campsite.

    Does it matter how many people are at my campsite, as long as we have only 1 sleeping unit?

    No, you can have as many people on your campsite as you want, as long as you are following the rules. Everyone on the campsite must have a 4-DAY wristband, and ALL of your belongings MUST fit on your 19'x40' campsite, no exceptions.

  • Accessibility (2 questions)
    Do you have an accessible seating area? How do I get to it?

    We do offer accessible seating to the right of the stage (if you are looking at the stage) behind the RSVD area. Due to limited amount of space available, we invite disabled fans and ONE companion to use this viewing area.

    Someone in my party has trouble walking. Is there a service to get them to the accessible seating area?

    Unfortunately, no. Though we welcome everyone, it is an outdoor festival and weather sometimes is an issue. We provide accessible Parking, which is quite close to the event. If you are unable to walk, you are welcome to bring a wheelchair or a medical scooter (no golf carts please) to get around. Again, the festival site is large and is earthy (not paved) so please keep this in mind as you are planning your visit.

  • Gates (3 questions)
    When do gates officially open?

    If you are a camper, you can load in as early as Wednesday, July 20th from 9:00am-10:00pm. Gates will re-open at 9:00am daily. If you arrive at Country Thunder after 10:00pm, you will have to wait outside the gate until the next morning, so please plan accordingly.

    What are the front gate hours?

    Wednesday July 20th - Sunday July 24th: 9am - 10pm

    **The exit gate is open 24 hours for anyone wishing to leave the site.

    What are the gate times for the festival bowl?

    Thursday: 2pm - 2am
    Friday - Sunday: 1pm - 2am

  • General (4 questions)
    Do you have a Country Thunder Program?

    Yes, and the program is complimentary to you as a patron! Programs can be found at the Main Festival entrance as well as the Information Tent. Please grab one to view Festival Maps, Artist Biographies, Stage Schedules, Partner Sponsors, and more!

    OMG, I've lost an item! How can I find it?

    Lost and Found is located in the Information Tent on-site. Although we would like to think that everyone is our friend, it is not often the case. Try to hold onto your things, but if you do happen to lose something, check out the Information Tent to hopefully find your belonging.

    OMG, I've found an item! How can I return it to its rightful owner?

    You are a good soul. Thank you for returning that which isn't yours to the Information Booth to await its owner. 

    Do you have any carpool or rideshare options?

    We know parking is limited and reducing our impact on the environment is important, so we brought in a rideshare partner RYDE. They have motorcoaches on which you can reserve a seat for just you or a big group. Check out their website at RYDEthere.com to see the cities, timing, and pricing. 

  • Purchasing (2 questions)
    Why am I getting an address verification error when trying to place my order online, and did it go through?

    This happens when the address on your card does not match the address for your account. Please check both of these to make sure that they match. If you feel that you have entered the correct information and you are still receiving the error message, please contact issuing bank to triple check.

    Why do I have a charge of $1.00 on my Card?

    If you just placed an order today, and noticed that your card was charged $1.00, this is because we are checking your account to make sure that funds are available. This charge will be refunded to you within 24 hours.

  • RSVD Patrons (1 question)
    Where is RSVD Parking located?

    The RSVD parking lot is located to the south the Festival Bowl area off of Highway P. You can locate the RSVD parking on our Festival Site Map.

  • Ticketing (12 questions)
    What happens if I break or lose my wristband? Can I get a replacement?

    Unfortunately no, we do not replace lost or stolen wristbands. Also, since wristbands are cloth, they tighten easily. Please be careful with your wristband as you will not be allowed anywhere on site without one.

    I purchased tickets but am now unable to attend the event. Can I return them for a refund?

    Unfortunately no, we do not offer refunds, as all sales are final.

    Is there re-entry with a 1-Day Ticket?

    Yes, you may exit and enter the site at your leisure, as long as you are wearing the correct day wristband.

    Do you offer 1-Day RSVD Tickets?

    No. RSVD tickets are 4-DAY weekend tickets and are only sold as such. The only single day tickets that we sell are General Admission.

    Can I split my 4-DAY or RSVD Ticket?

    Unfortunately, we do not split 4-DAY tickets into single days.

    How can I renew my RSVD Seat(s) or Camp Site?

    Renewals are offered two weeks prior to the festival by phone or online and on-site at the Information Booth Thursday 3pm-9pm and Friday - Sunday 2:00pm - 9:00pm. If you do not renew your tickets at the festival, they will be available to the public starting Monday August 4th at 9:00am CST.

    How do I place an order & get my tickets if I don't have an email?

    If you do not have an email address, and are not interested in making one, we can mail your tickets to your home address. We do not suggest using a friend's email address to receive tickets, as friends have been known to not be honest. Review online what you would like to order, and we can take your order over the phone at (866) 802-6418.

    When are 1-DAY Tickets going on Sale?

    Please check back later for single day tickets.

    How do I order Tickets if I am an International Purchaser?

    If you are outside of the US, please call (877) 569-7767 and tell them that you would like to purchase tickets for Country Thunder.

    Why haven't I received my Print-At-Home Tickets?

    You will be notified when your PAH tickets have been emailed. If you find that you have not received them, be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder. If you still cannot find them, please email info@countrythunder.com and we will get that taken care of for you.

    What if I am on my way to Country Thunder, and forgot my tickets?

    In this case, you will need to go to the Will Call lane, and they will be able to look your order up by verifying your personal information.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, we offer the EZ Pay Option which is three monthly installments.  This option is available until three months (90 days) before the first day of the show.